your last night in queens

by Alex Berger

Left 28th Avenue
On the far side of two
I’d helped pack up your things
Before you moved home

Was I supposed to man up
And chase you ‘round the world?
I wasn’t humble enough to ask
Or strong enough to act
On your last night in Queens

You gave me my faith
And showed me so much.
You’re the single most wonderful woman I’ve ever known.
Hope I’m not saying too much

But I won’t be held back by a torch
Because that’s really not fair
There’s people I’ll love
You’re not supposed to compare

But feel how much you’re loved
And know I’d give this all up
And feel just how much you’re love
And know I’d still give all this up

I told you everything
And I couldn’t fake that
I only got to kiss you once
But I’ll take that

We took your bed apart
Left it in the street
I was just happy to be there
For your last night in Queens