Alex Berger

When Tom Waits judges an artist’s work as noteworthy, people sit up and take notice.

This was exactly the case when Waits selected the title track from Alex Berger’s debut record, ‘Snow Globe’ as Best Story Song at the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards. It announced the arrival of an engaging, mature songwriter, with an earnest commitment to his craft.

Aside from the awards, ‘Snow Globe’ was a Music Week ‘Key Release’ and an iTunes favourite on both sides of the Atlantic. Alex capitalized on this success by taking to the road and fully engaging with his audiences in the UK, Europe and US. He has played countless shows and co-written with highly-acclaimed talent including Jamie Lawson, Lucie Silvas, Vienna Teng, Ari Hest and Jesse Terry among many others.

Alex Berger was raised in the shadow of Wembley Stadium in North West London.  The sound of the day's mega-acts  (Michael Jackson, Queen, The Rolling Stones etc)  would drift the short distance to his bedroom window. Musical inspiration came from within also. On his mother’s side, Alex’s cousin Lynsey de Paul (the first ever female recipient of an Ivor Novello songwriting award) mentored Alex throughout his career until she sadly passed away earlier this year. On his father’s side, Alex's cousin Amy Winehouse provided further inspiration as she lit up the world during her spectacular, tragically short career. 

From his childhood in the UK, to a songwriting career in Nashville, via a decade studying and performing in New York City (Alex is a graduate of Manhattan’s prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts), Berger’s storied path has provided no shortage of perspective. Drawing on the experiences of this unique journey,  his intricate, often deceptively simple style is shot through with a timeless quality and a wisdom well beyond his years.

Now writing daily with artists from all over the world, Alex has become a regular performer on Nashville's songwriter circuit, including recent performances at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe. 

Listen to a preview of Alex's upcoming EP, 'Anticipate' 

Praise for Snow Globe: 

“Snow Globe is such a beautiful song” Paul Du Noyer, founding editor of MOJO/editor of Q

“Snow Globe is stunning and very moving in every way!!” David Amram, world-renowned composer and conductor

“Quite hypnotic and the words are fabulous” Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside

“My goodness, that is just beautiful” Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire